3 Must-Have Video Projection Tips To Elevate Your Next Big Event

We live in a very visual world and your audience has come to expect great things from this ever-growing trend. To connect with your event-management-servicesaudience and deliver messaging in a meaningful way, you need the following tips to pull off stunning and impactful event video projection.

1.    Plan For The Right Screen Size Ratios & Content Layout

Screen size versus venue space is an important factor in projecting information with impact. You don’t want to cram 200 people into a room with low ceilings because this greatly reduces the size of the video screen and decreases the audience’s ability to see the video content.

Make sure you have enough ceiling height to have the proper size screen(s) for your audience. Visit the venue before deciding on screen size to get the ratio right.

Also, it’s important to preview content so you know it shows well on the screen. Too much detail on one slide causes issues for the audience to see the information properly.

To this same end, be sure your presenters know the format for your screen, so their content matches. You could have PPT in 4:3 and videos in 16:9, so before the big event you must decide what you have more of before choosing a screen format.

2.   When Possible, Always Do Rear Projection

Rear video projection is the best choice for getting a cleaner, crisper image. Because of its setup location, you have much more control over ambient light (from windows or non-dimmable lighting) while also freeing up more backstage space.

Also, when considering how to achieve the most effective video projection, keep in mind that the bigger the screen the bigger the projector you need. A common mistake that people make, when trying to cut costs, is opting to use the cheaper projectors.  However, the cheaper, smaller projectors do not have the ability and flexibility to project content on to large surfaces without greatly sacrificing on the quality.

3.   Every Question You Must Ask About Video Sources

Be sure to know the various content your presenters plan on showing by asking the following questions:

  • Are your presenters using PTT or Keynote?
  • Are the videos on DVD or digital files?
  • Do your presenters have a lot of videos to play?
  • Is anyone using IMAG (Image Magnification)?
  • Do you need to simultaneously show various content on multiple screens?

This type of pre-event planning for video projection is going to save you from having a lot of headaches before the big day.

When you follow these three guidelines as you’re event planning for video projection, you are guaranteed a smooth presentation and beautifully displayed images to truly impress your audience.

Ready to learn more about how to achieve the ultimate video projection for your upcoming presentation? Contact the event technology management experts at Advanced Staging Productions at 866-431-8202 for assistance with all of your event technology management needs.


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