Audio Engineers

Specializing In Challenging Sound Environments

The message you’re delivering at your event is important — and you want to make sure it’s only your message the audience hears, not static, interference or unexpected noises. Your audio design should enhance the event, not overpower it.

The audio engineering department at Advanced Staging Productions utilizes the latest digital, processor-controlled audio technology to deliver the best possible audio for your event. Our audio engineers customize these advanced audio systems for your event to create clear, precise sound for events of any size in even the most challenging venues — creating an audio environment that provides a comfortable, intelligible listening experience for your audience.

Our audio engineering services include:

  • Custom audio design, to create the best sound experience for your audience.
  • A variety of wireless and specialty microphones, to ensure your guest speakers are heard throughout the venue.
  • Live entertainment support, so your audience will be able to hear a musical performance clearly whether they’re next to the stage or at the back of the venue.
  • All digital technology — from processing and 16- to 64-channel consoles to multi-track, hard disc recording — ensures your audience won’t miss a single second of sound.

Ready to leverage the latest customizable audio technology to deliver a crisp listening experience for your event attendees?