College And University Event Management

From Graduations To Fundraising Galas And More


Your university has decided to hold an event to market itself, raise funds for a project on campus or celebrate a special occasion, such as commencement, an alumni reunion or a milestone anniversary. And you’ve been tasked with making sure the event goes off without a hitch. Now what?

This event will likely impact your entire campus and perhaps even the community beyond. You need a partner who understands college and university event management. Whether you’re looking for a knowledgeable provider to handle your event technology services, such as lighting and stage design to audio and video systems, or an experienced partner to take on full-scale university event management services, such as concept creation, on-site production and event logistics, Advanced Staging Productions has you covered.

We have experience working with colleges and universities of all sizes, are experienced in event technology management and understand the potentially far-reaching impact of your event.

Need a reliable partner to provide tech services for your next on-campus event and assist with your university event management needs?