Corporate Event Planning: Three Key Criteria For Perfection

Here are three key criteria to help you gauge your level of corporate event planning perfection:

  • Objectives Benchmarking — Start by asking yourself a few questions that you should already know the answer to:
    • “What was the driving purpose behind your event planning process?”
    • “What objectives were you striving to achieve?”
    • “How did you perform against those goals?”
      Whether your event was designed to educate, inform, persuade, recognize, reward or raise funds, ask yourself: did you produce the desired effect on your audience? Answer honestly.

      If you fell short in one area or another, don’t be embarrassed, disappointed or ashamed. Learn from your mistakes or shortcomings and use your newfound knowledge to make your next corporate event even more spectacular.

  • Experience Mapping — A perfect corporate event flows smoothly from beginning to end, transporting your guests or audience members from the first impression to the last without any awkward pauses or transitions. If all goes according to plan — from event staging and A/V technology to general event management — the entire production should appear virtually effortless from start to finish. In order to achieve that effect, you need to oversee the coordinated timing and flow of every element, including:
    • Space
    • Signage
    • Décor
    • Registration
    • Refreshments
    • Scenic Design
    • A/V Technology
    • And More

      From hitting every cue to making sure the sound system is balanced and the lighting is just right, every single detail of your event needs to work in perfect harmony with the whole. Because creating an impression of seamless, effortless ease is essential when it comes to achieving corporate event planning perfection.

  • Budget Planning — The final, and perhaps most important criteria for corporate event planning perfection is, drumroll please … your budget! This should come as no surprise … just like the final bill for your event. If you plan for every eventuality and carefully consider every single investment, this should be no problem. The successful corporate event planner has every contingency covered so, if and when the unexpected rears its ugly head, your event goes off without a hitch and your bottom line doesn’t take the hit.

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