Lighting Design

Custom Lighting Solutions To Make Your Next Event Shine

Good lighting design ensures that the things you want the audience to see are visible, while the rest remains hidden. Even the slightest variations in lighting quickly change the ambiance of any room.

Our lighting designers help turn your vision into a reality, creating custom lighting solutions that heighten the event experience for your audience. Advanced computer-aided design and pre-visualization software give you an advance preview of how your lighting solution will function on the day of your event. With a wide variety of custom lighting options, ranging from conventional fixtures and LED lights to integrated moving lights and creative lighting design, your event really shines!

Put the creative flair and design capabilities of our lighting designers to work creating a custom lighting solution that makes a lasting impression:

  • Programmable, computer-based control systems ensure that your custom lighting solutions highlights only what you want the audience to see.
  • LED moving lights, sensor dimming and conventional fixtures add interest to your stage design.
  • Complete rigging and power distribution handle even the most complex event lighting designs.

Ready to leverage custom lighting solutions to enhance your event?