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Best Practices for Working with your ETM Partner

What is the best way to maximize your relationship with your Event Technology Management partner?  The most important thing to do is engage your ETM partner as early as possible in your planning process.  Haven’t chosen a venue yet?  Why not invite your ETM partner along on your site visits?  Use their knowledge and expertise to figure out which venue and which room will work best for the kind of technology you want, or need, to use.  Room shape, size, and ceiling heights all play a major role in the design of a stage and what event technology (audio, video, and lighting) can be utilized.

Another great way to best use your ETM partner is to rely on them to figure out what technology is needed… after all it should be what they are experts in.   By sharing with them a clear understanding of the purpose of the event, the desired audience response, and the allocated budget, they will be able to offer a practical, viable, and affordable solution.  For example, perhaps the best way to light the stage is to rig a truss in the ceiling, but your budget doesn’t allow for such an expense.  Your ETM partner can figure out a way to do a ground supported light system that is more affordable.  However, be sure they tell you what you are losing, or what the downsides to that alternative are, so you can decide if it is worth the cost savings. That, once again, speaks to the importance of open and honest communication.

Probably the hardest “best practice” when working with your event technology management team is to trust them.  There is a reason you chose to work with them, so utlize their expertise and trust that they will give you the best show you can have with the money you have to spend.  They should be spending your money as if it were their own… not just adding in technology because it fits the budget, but using what is necessary and what makes sense, and possible saving you some money in the end.


Do you trust your partners?

Whether it is with a friend, spouse, family member, client, or service provider, a true partnership is built on a number of factors… the most important if these is trust.

What does trust look like in a professional relationship, let’s say for instance, your Event Technology Management company. Ask yourself these questions when evaluating whether or not there is trust between the two parties:

1) Can I share my budget with them and feel comfortable knowing that they will spend my money as if it is their own?

2) Can I sleep at night knowing that there is no way they would ever let me down? At the end of the day, execution far outweighs price.

3) When something goes wrong, are they pointing fingers or are they offering solutions to remedy the situation ASAP, even if it is not their area of expertise?

4) Do they trust me?

If you can answer yes to these questions, you probably have a very good partnership and can rest easy that you are getting a quality product for a fair price, and that you are working with someone that is as invested in the project as you are.  Knowing you can trust the people you surround yourself with will not only allow you to be successful, it will save you a lot of energy and stress.

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Event Budget vs. Event Beauty: Walking The Fine Line

It is one of the main goals of event planning: present a visually budget-resized-600stunning event. While this is a pretty standard goal, it’s not always necessary. Believe it or not, sometimes you shouldn’t strive for a superbly spectacular event.

Think about the impression an extravagant event makes. All guests are going to have reactions to the ornate displays in front of them. If a non-profit event exudes an expensive air of elegance, guests are going to wonder where exactly the organizations priorities lie. If a corporate event stages fantastically fancy décor, guests are going to perceive a hefty amount of “extra” money in the corporation’s pocket, whether that is true or not.

Your goal should be to create an event atmosphere that conveys the objective of your event, not spice it up with lavish luxury. Sometimes, guests are more impressed with the content and substance of the event than by how much money was put into its visual appeal.

The key is to find that perfect mix of “amazing” and “appropriate.” Work with your event staging company and your event technology team to design a great event while maintaining a respectable budget. Here are a few tips to keep in mind along the way.

Basic AV needs – There is a point of functionality that needs to be addressed first. Identify what your bare essentials are: sound systems, video screens and projectors.

Lighting – Simple, straight-forward lighting. Sometimes, standard, inexpensive lights are much more impactful than scenic set-ups. LED lights are a great way to keep the scene casual while offering abundant light.

Options for enhancement – If you feel your event purpose has been clearly laid out, and your event budget has been spent wisely thus far, you may want to go back and liven a few things up. For example, accenting your table arrangements with some bold décor, or using a speaker as an end-table. Whatever design you decide to put on your event, be sure to look for for technology or décor that is multi-purposed.

Remember, it’s not all about image. A perfectly comfortable event can be just as influential as an ornately decorated one. A successful event production incorporates the purpose and theme into the budget. If you keep your event’s true purpose at the forefront of your mind, you should have no problem forming your design around it.

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