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It’s all about the Customer Experience!

Our staff recently attended InfoComm Live 2015, which is a conference for audiovisual companies in the live event business. One of this year’s speakers focused very intently on the customer experience.  The discussion revolved around the idea that we need to engage our customers on such a level that the experience is not just good, but great.  Here at Advanced we often say that good enough is not good enough, so this discussion was one that we saw a lot of value in.

Walt Disney once said, “Do something so well that people will come to see it again and will bring their friends.”  That is the ultimate goal of a great customer experience… getting them to come back and to tell their friends.

In the Advanced world, we chose to focus our attention on the three primary areas of the event technology… audio, video, and lighting.  By choosing to stick to those three elements and not expand into other areas of the live events world, we are able to not just be good at delivering those services, but great.  That covers the doing “something so well” part.

Time and time again, we have proven that once a client partners with us once, they will come back again and again.  Our people, processes, and equipment combined together make for a recipe for success and one that our clients want to taste again.  That covers the “will come to see it again” part.

Referrals have been, and continue to be, our best sales tactic.  Having a client or partner recommend our services to a friend, a client, or sometimes even their competitor is the best compliment we can get and it is the easiest way to grow our business.  That covers the “bring their friends” part.

What does all this mean?  It means Advanced Staging Productions is just like Disney World!  Okay, maybe not, but it does show that we have set ourselves on a path to great success, just like Mr. Disney.


Sometimes the solution is just that easy.

Ever look at a maze, and think, “How could anyone ever get through this?”  Ever read a word problem, or hear a riddle that once you were given the answer, you thought to yourself, “wow, is it really that simple?” Ever have a task set in front of you by your boss that you were certain would take you all day that you ended up finishing in an hour?

We often let our imaginations get ahead of ourselves when faced with certain issues or challenges. We instantly start following paths in the maze to try and make our way to the exit without actually taking a step back and looking at the maze from a logical perspective. Sometimes, as in the picture above, the answer is really right there!

Put this in terms of planning an event and handling all the various details. We are not event planning experts, so forgive us if we don’t mention all the elements… but you have to choose a venue, catering, decorations, handle travel arrangements, develop content, coordinate agendas, and of course… hire an event technology management company. Many of these tasks require a lot of work. Some may not. The point is, it is important to take a step back and look at the whole maze and figure out which paths you need to go down first and which ones you can conquer more easily. Some of the tasks have multiple layers to them and may be easier to navigate if you bring in other resources. That is where, if you reference back to some of our other blogs, you will see why choosing the right partners to work with is so vital to the planning process.

If you look at just the technology needs of an event… Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about the audio, video, or lighting at all? Wouldn’t it be great if at the end of the event, you realize you didn’t deal with anything from a technical standpoint? Wouldn’t it be great if the solution to the maze that is event technology management was as simple as the picture above? We have a secret… it is that simple. It is… The Advanced Way.


Do you trust your partners?

Whether it is with a friend, spouse, family member, client, or service provider, a true partnership is built on a number of factors… the most important if these is trust.

What does trust look like in a professional relationship, let’s say for instance, your Event Technology Management company. Ask yourself these questions when evaluating whether or not there is trust between the two parties:

1) Can I share my budget with them and feel comfortable knowing that they will spend my money as if it is their own?

2) Can I sleep at night knowing that there is no way they would ever let me down? At the end of the day, execution far outweighs price.

3) When something goes wrong, are they pointing fingers or are they offering solutions to remedy the situation ASAP, even if it is not their area of expertise?

4) Do they trust me?

If you can answer yes to these questions, you probably have a very good partnership and can rest easy that you are getting a quality product for a fair price, and that you are working with someone that is as invested in the project as you are.  Knowing you can trust the people you surround yourself with will not only allow you to be successful, it will save you a lot of energy and stress.

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What is the Difference Between $2,000 and $200,000?

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Lately, we have been posting a series of concepts on Facebook that speak to what The Advanced Way is, since it truly is so much more than AV.  The Advanced Way, besides being a number of processes and procedures that we have put in place to insure successful execution of our Event Technology Management services and the smooth running of events for our clients, is a mindset that permeates throughout our company.  One great example of this, is how our staff sees and treats every show the same.  Regardless of the size of the event, the scope of the work, and the budget, our staff treats every client and every show the same.

You have an event for 40 people?  No problem.  You have an event for 40,000 people?  No problem.  The Advanced Way is what allows us to be scalable to be the right fit for your event.  Our technicians are all highly qualified professionals and all egos are checked at the door, so you get the same treatment and respect you deserve, regardless if you are spending $2,000 or $200,000.

Sound like what every other company says?  Don’t take our word for it, listen to our customers…

“I’m absolutely thrilled that Advanced Staging takes the time to work with customers both large and small – so that even small customers like Main Line Today can look as fabulous as the large ones.”  JB Braun, Publisher of Main Line Today Magazine.


Modify & Adjust – How Good Are Your Partners?

The secret to any successful event, from any perspective, is the ability to modify and adjust.  In every aspect of planning and executing an event, there are bound to be unexpected challenges and changes.  The ability of your team of trusted partners to modify and adjust quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively is what will be the defining note of your symphony.

Your attendance numbers spike a few days out, can the venue you’ve chosen handle the change? There are issues with shipments and the lobster tails won’t make it.  Does  the caterer you’ve chosen to partner with have solutions to ensure your guests, who have paid $250 for their ticket, will still be impressed and pleased with their meal?  The hotel books one of the salons of your ballroom for an evening event, causing an air wall to have to be closed, which was not part of the plan when your event technology management partner installed their truss grid and rigged all of their equipment in the room.  Are you confident that the partner you have chosen to work with has the ability to modify and adjust and find a viable, cost effective solution so that everyone is happy?

Keep an eye out for the Advanced Staging Productions newsletter in October, which will give you a real world example of how we had to modify and adjust to an air wall issue after finalizing our room set-up, complete with pixel mapping.  If you are not currently receiving our newsletter, and would like to, please email Kim Pagliaro-Bussard at KimPB@AdvancedStaging.com.


Should I have my Event Technology Partner travel with me?

Why would I want to have my local event technology partner travel to other cities with me?  Can’t I just hire someone local to my event?  Won’t it be too expensive to travel all that equipment and labor?  Are these questions that burden your decision process when selecting an event technology provider for your event?  Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether to have your technology partner travel with you, or to hire a local company:

1) What is the size and scope of the event?  If it is a small event with basic technology needs, it will most likely be more cost effective to find a local company in whatever city you are holding the event.  Keep in mind, that your regular partner may be able to make some referrals of companies that can meet your needs.

2) You and your event technology team have most likely grown quite accustomed to working together.  They can probably anticipate your needs both before the event and during.  If they are a good partner, they will most likely always be prepared for the unexpected things that may pop up with your clients.  How much more time and energy will you have to dedicate to making sure everything is exactly as you, and your client, like it?

3) If you work with a specific company on a regular basis, odds are they have built arapport, not only with you, but with your staff, clients, executives, etc.  How will bringing a new entity into the mix affect the rest of your team?  Will it add more work for some folks that are already stretched thin?  Will the new team know how your CEO likes the confidence monitors setup and his/her style of presenting?  What impact might that have on the success of the event?

There are definitely times where it might make sense to hire a local company to handle your audiovisual and event technology needs, but be sure you know what you are getting yourself into.  It is important to know what you are saying yes to, when you say no to having your regular event technology managment team travel with you.


Are You Working With The Right “Experts?”

Technology is changing on a daily basis.  There is always a new phone, new bluetooth device, new tablet, or new wireless electric razor that also brushes your teeth and combs your hair at the same time coming on the market.  Event technology is not much different in that there are always new developments in all aspects of audio, video, and lighting.  What is the latest in LED lighting technology?  What is projection mapping and 3D projection all about?  What are the benefits of working with digital audio consoles and digital, multitrack recording?  How will the lighting on my stage be able to bring my theme/vision to life for the audience?

Keeping up with the latest trends in the event technology world can almost be a fulltime job.  Should that be your job?  No… not as long as you have a trusted Event Technology Partner working with you.  A truly professional company will employ experts in their given fields… experts that are passionate about their trades and that are always striving to not only better themselves and their teams, but better the experiences of their clients.

When deciding on who you should partner with from an event technology standpoint, take a few of these questions into consideration:

1) How long has the company been in the industry?

2) What is the average tenure of their employees?

3) How many years of experience do their employees have in the industry?

4) Do they employ professionally trained experts in audio, video, and lighting?

5) Do they own the equipment and staff that they are telling you about in their sales pitch?

There are a number of audiovisual companies out there that can give you a list of equipment, assign some labor to your show, sit back and collect payment.  Is that going to give your client the best experience they can and maximize their return on investment?  Or would it be worth finding an event technology management partner that sees your event as their own; will spend your money as if it is their own; that knows the best choices to make in which technology to use; and that will work closely with you on designing your event to have the wanted (or needed) impact on the audience?


Winter Is no Match For The Advanced Way

We began the New Year jumping into our normal routine of national sales meetings in the various resort destinations, which our staff were even more eager to do given all the snow storms.  Thanks to our planning processes, we never had to miss a beat because of something Mother Nature had to throw at us.  We can attribute that to our detailed and thorough planning, which we see as a key element to true even technology management.  A delayed equipment delivery or a delayed flight could mean the event ends before it even begins.  That is why during the winter season, we pay close attention to the weather and plan our shipping and receiving accordingly.  On a couple of occasions, we flew crew members in days earlier than needed to insure that they would be ready to load in as scheduled. 
However, let’s say for argument’s sake, a truck did arrive half a day late for an event load in.  What would your technology partner do?  How would they be able to get the show up on time?  If your partner is doing things The Advanced Way, they would be able to rely on their local partners that they trust and work with often to assist with necessary elements to get the ball rolling.  Once their truck arrives, what does it look like?  Is it a hodgepodge of cases that aren’t labelled or loaded properly for easy access?  If things are being done The Advanced Way, the truck is packed for easy offloading and the cases are all clearly marked with their contents and the staff knows exactly where in the ballroom they need to go.  Once opened, all the cases are neatly packed for quick setup.  Organization is imperative to a smooth, painless load in and set up of a show.  It can mean the difference between the show being successful or not.
All of this starts back at the office when the event starts to be formed.  The organization and detailed planning begin as soon as the equipment is entered into a quote and/or the drawing of the room begins to take shape.  This, along with solid, consistent communication with the various team members, the client, venue, and other vendors is what separates run of the mill AV companies from true event technology management companies.  Is your current partner doing things The Advanced Way?  Why not?


4 Ways A Professional Event Staging Company Enhances Your Event

No matter what the occasion, you want your event to be perfect. But perfection isn’t easy. To reach that goal you could rally your whole 73729952_blog17-resized-600team and assign everyone a different task…but there are no guarantees. The best way to accomplish event perfection is to hire a professional event staging company.

There’s no question you want to liven up your event with design and decor, but you also want everything to operate correctly. Without the right light fixtures, AV technology, and a professional team to handle all your heavy-duty tasks, your event has the potential to fall flat or, worse, not happen at all.

A staging company helps to make your event both operational and visually appealing. If that doesn’t convince you, here are 4 more reasons to hire a professional event staging company.

1. An Expert For Every Job

All of your technology tasks should be assigned with task leaders. It makes sense when you think about it, but too many event planners assign various tasks to whoever is closest. That leaves your event’s success to chance since he or she may or may not be the best person for the job.

When you hire a staging company, you guarantee official experts for each and every facet of your event staging. Three experts you should absolutely have are audio, video and lighting. There is usually a chain of commands for each of these tasks, so those experts may each require a small team of their own. For example, the audio expert is probably going to be moving around constantly, checking for issues here and there, while one of their team members tests and adjusts microphone 1. The master electrician (lighting) is probably going to be close by the power outlets, ensuring proper electric flow while another team member is focusing the center spot light.

2. Project Overseers

You want to keep the scene of your event clean. Meaning, you want it as organized as possible. Project managers are perfect for this. A staging company’s project manager understands not only how an event is run, they understand how all the technical elements work, which is good news for you and your task experts. Project Managers may not know how to fix the wiring on the microphone, but they know how to get the right person in the right place at the right time to keep everything on track.

3. Passionate and Experienced Staff

It’s important that your staff be experienced, but you also want a team who loves what they do. After all, that passion tends to come across in the end result. How do you know if your staging company is passionate? Check how long they’ve been in business.

If your professional event staging company has been in the industry for over five years, chances are they enjoy what they do, they are up to speed on current technologies and they are able to offer suggestions on how to enhance your event while working within your budget.

4. Professional Equipment

When you hire a professional event staging team, you’re also hiring their equipment, which is always well-maintained and usually fairly new. This is a huge bonus for event planners. It saves time spent figuring out which model/version of which equipment to purchase or rent. Professional equipment also helps with the visual appeal of your event. Believe it or not, your audience is likely to notice things like a bent microphone or dusty speakers. You don’t want something as simple as equipment appearance to detract from your event in any way.

A good staging company consists of a team of passionate, experienced experts equipped with the tools and resources necessary to take your event to a whole new level of perfection. Take some stress out of your hectic event planning schedule and let a professional event staging company help make your next event something special.

Ready to learn more about the benefits of hiring a professional event staging company? Contact the event technology management experts at Advanced Staging Productions at 866-431-8202 for assistance with all of your event management needs.