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It’s Time To Give Thanks!

As we approach Thanksgiving and the holiday season, we feel it is important to take time to reflect on the people in our lives that we should be thankful for. In light of that, we, the management team at Advanced Staging Productions, would like to take this opportunity to thank a few groups of people that have truly had an impact on our lives.

First, we want to thank our clients for their trust and confidence.  Obviously, without you, we would not be here, and the fact that you continue to allow us to collaborate with you is truly appreciated.

We absolutely could not go without thanking all of the members of the Advanced team and all the time and energy you put into your work. The amount of unwavering passion and drive that you all show is astounding and second to none.  We are humbled by your dedication to each other and to this company.

We would like to thank our many partners.  We know that without you, we would not be able to do what we love, which is provide professional and reliable event technology for live events and meetings. You help us deliver consistent, high level solutions to our clients and for that, we are grateful.

Lastly, we want to thank all of the people out there that follow us on our webpage, social media outlets, email blasts, and this blog.  The exposure that you all give us through viewing and sharing our information is an integral piece of our success.  We hope that you continue to find value in our post.


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What is the importance of an anniversary?

26 years…17 years… 11 years… 14 years… 7 years… 13 years… 5 years… These are some of the anniversaries that our staff has celebrated this year. What does that say about a company? It says two things. First, it says that it is a company with seasoned professionals that have a passion for what they do. It says that the people working in the business have been around long enough to have also worked on the business and have had a hand in developing policies and procedures it operates under. What else does it say? It says that it is a good place to work. Do you remain with a company for 5, 12, 17 years if you don’t enjoy being there? A company that can hold on to employees for so many years is one that is managed with integrity and with a passion not only for its business and customers, but for its employees. If people want to stay with a company, it is a sign that they treat their employees well… And a company that treats it’s employees well, most likely treats their clients well. Caring about our clients and helping them have successful events is what Advanced Staging Productions promotes throughout the company. Caring about our employees and their families… well that’s The Advanced Way. Don’t forget to sign up for a our newsletter by emailing Kim at KimPB@AdvancedStaging.com!

How To Choose The Best Event Technology Management Team

Event planning is a tough job, so when it comes to assembling your event technology management team, you want to make sure you 73729952_blog17-resized-600cover all your bases.

From professional press conferences to extravagant galas, pre-event scenes are usually hectic with people buzzing around carrying heavy equipment, testing microphones and connecting wires. These behind-the-scenes heroes make sure the spotlight is shining, the sound system is playing and the internet connection is full-speed ahead.

A successful event technology management team has several key players. In order to form the right team for your event, first you need to know what each position entails.

Let’s start with the technical positions.

Main Characters

  • Audio Engineer (A1): This person is responsible for all things audio. They record, edit, mix or simply monitor all the sounds heard at your event.
  • Video Engineer (V1): If your event has any video/images, a video engineer is put in charge of them. Their responsibilities include things like screen projection, switching, playback and transmitting any visual imagery.
  • Lighting Director (LD): You guessed it: The lighting director is in control of anything pertaining to the lighting technology required for your event. Where A1 and V1 are more concerned with technical issues, the LD is concerned with coordinating more technical and scenic elements.
  • Project Manager (PM): Every successful event has someone who oversees all the necessary tasks, ensuring expert precision in every aspect of your event technology management. This person is the Project Manager, and they are responsible for keeping all work on task, making it easier for the A1, V1 and LD to do their jobs.

These 4 roles are absolutely essential in any event technology management team, regardless of the event size. But, depending on the size and scope of your event, they might need some support:

Supporting Roles

  • Audio Assistant (A2): Acts as an assistant to A1. Usually handles lighter tasks, like managing the microphones, wiring the presenters with LAVS, changing batteries and monitoring frequencies.
  • Video Assistant (V2): Assists the V1 with tasks like calling cameras or handling records/playbacks. Video Assistants also often take on the role of Projectionist.
  • Lighting Assistant (ME): The lighting assistant, sometimes called the Master Electrician, manages the installation of all power and lighting cables, allowing the LD to focus on programming the event.

Only consider these secondary roles if you think your event may require the extra help. If you are planning a smaller event, your team doesn’t necessarily have to include a full cast of supporting roles. Key team members may be able to handle all tasks that would typically be given to an assistant.

Executive Producers 

  • Technical Director (TD): Makes sure the show runs smoothly. They work with all members of the team, making sure all issues are solved by the time the house lights dim.
  • Stage Manager (SM): The technical director of the stage, the stage manager controls everything that happens at the front of the room. They are responsible for the entrance and exit of each presenter.

Each event is unique, so each event technology management team structure should also be unique. We’ve given you the groundwork, the basic roles involved in an efficient event technology management team, but feel free to add, eliminate and alter the positions above to fit the needs of your specific event.

Ready to learn more about choosing your technology management dream team? Contact the event technology experts at Advanced Staging Productions at 866-431-8202 for assistance with all of your event management needs.