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It’s time we start working together!

Client ABC wants to hire an event technology partner for their general session.  They feel that there is no need for more than 4 technicians in the room during the running of the event, and they simply will not pay for more than four techs.

Here is what the general session consists of: Audio support for 300 people, with up to 8 presenters on stage at a time (that’s at least 8 wireless microphones to manage); two screen show with multiple video rolls; basic stage wash with back lighting and some up lighting around the room for decor.  Sounds simple enough and could be operated with 4 techs… except there are also three cameras for IMAG (image magnification) and recording.  Well, unless the cameras are not moving (which will make for a unique shoot), or they are remote controlled (which they are not), three of our four techs will be tied up.  That leaves one tech to run audio, video, and lighting.  Is that possible? Of course it is possible.  Is it likely to be a smooth running, successful event?  Doubtful.

We would like to point out, before we get an influx of angry comments from event planners, that this scenario could easily be flipped, where the event technology company tries to dictate to the client what they have to have in the room from a technology and labor perspective, regardless of what they want or what they can afford.  Just because you can do something, or because it is the best way to do it, doesn’t mean you have to.  Is it nice to fly the technology from the ceiling?  Yes. Is it always necessary or worth the extra expense? No. There are many ways to effectively get your messaging across to your audience using technology. The trick is to work as a team to figure out what equipment and labor meets those needs as well as the needs of the budget. Sometimes concessions and/or compromises will have to be made on both sides, but that is why it’s called a collaboration and what makes it a true partnership.

This is why we have spent years perfecting what we call The Advanced Way. The Advanced Way is a philosophy of doing business that permeates throughout our company.  It is that philosophy that sets the stage for great collaborations and that allows us to be a trusted resource for our clients.


How Important is Employee Recognition?

Many companies show employee appreciation such as bonuses, extra paid time off, parties, picnics, etc.  However, does your company openly show employee recognition?  Is that something that is important to your employees?

Here at Advanced, we have been giving out employee recognition awards for as long as we can remember.  We give out an Employee of the Quarter award and an Employee of the Year award.  Both awards come with a cash prize and a plaque.  In addition, the award recipients get a reserved parking space at our office.  Seems like a silly concept to some, but it has become quite the coveted perk around our office.

The interesting thing about our awards, is that the entire company votes on the winners, so the winners are truly being chosen by their peers, and not just the management team or even just the president.  This means that winning the award is not a sign from the boss that you are doing a good job, but a sign from the people you are working with day in and day out that your work is appreciated and respected.

This is all well and good, but why is this important?  We feel it is important for two reasons. First, recognizing employees for good work and for their accomplishments is something we feel contributes to their continued success and their continued dedication to the team and the company.  Second, the fact that the winners are chosen by their peers drives them to impress each other and to never let each other down.  It adds another level of accountability to the work they do.

Events come and go. Clients come and go.  At the end of the day, it is our colleagues that we sit across from at the conference table in the post con meeting, or that we eat lunch with in the cafeteria.  Holding each other to high standards and not allowing good enough to be good enough is The Advanced Way.


Should I have my Event Technology Partner travel with me?

Why would I want to have my local event technology partner travel to other cities with me?  Can’t I just hire someone local to my event?  Won’t it be too expensive to travel all that equipment and labor?  Are these questions that burden your decision process when selecting an event technology provider for your event?  Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether to have your technology partner travel with you, or to hire a local company:

1) What is the size and scope of the event?  If it is a small event with basic technology needs, it will most likely be more cost effective to find a local company in whatever city you are holding the event.  Keep in mind, that your regular partner may be able to make some referrals of companies that can meet your needs.

2) You and your event technology team have most likely grown quite accustomed to working together.  They can probably anticipate your needs both before the event and during.  If they are a good partner, they will most likely always be prepared for the unexpected things that may pop up with your clients.  How much more time and energy will you have to dedicate to making sure everything is exactly as you, and your client, like it?

3) If you work with a specific company on a regular basis, odds are they have built arapport, not only with you, but with your staff, clients, executives, etc.  How will bringing a new entity into the mix affect the rest of your team?  Will it add more work for some folks that are already stretched thin?  Will the new team know how your CEO likes the confidence monitors setup and his/her style of presenting?  What impact might that have on the success of the event?

There are definitely times where it might make sense to hire a local company to handle your audiovisual and event technology needs, but be sure you know what you are getting yourself into.  It is important to know what you are saying yes to, when you say no to having your regular event technology managment team travel with you.


Are You Working With The Right “Experts?”

Technology is changing on a daily basis.  There is always a new phone, new bluetooth device, new tablet, or new wireless electric razor that also brushes your teeth and combs your hair at the same time coming on the market.  Event technology is not much different in that there are always new developments in all aspects of audio, video, and lighting.  What is the latest in LED lighting technology?  What is projection mapping and 3D projection all about?  What are the benefits of working with digital audio consoles and digital, multitrack recording?  How will the lighting on my stage be able to bring my theme/vision to life for the audience?

Keeping up with the latest trends in the event technology world can almost be a fulltime job.  Should that be your job?  No… not as long as you have a trusted Event Technology Partner working with you.  A truly professional company will employ experts in their given fields… experts that are passionate about their trades and that are always striving to not only better themselves and their teams, but better the experiences of their clients.

When deciding on who you should partner with from an event technology standpoint, take a few of these questions into consideration:

1) How long has the company been in the industry?

2) What is the average tenure of their employees?

3) How many years of experience do their employees have in the industry?

4) Do they employ professionally trained experts in audio, video, and lighting?

5) Do they own the equipment and staff that they are telling you about in their sales pitch?

There are a number of audiovisual companies out there that can give you a list of equipment, assign some labor to your show, sit back and collect payment.  Is that going to give your client the best experience they can and maximize their return on investment?  Or would it be worth finding an event technology management partner that sees your event as their own; will spend your money as if it is their own; that knows the best choices to make in which technology to use; and that will work closely with you on designing your event to have the wanted (or needed) impact on the audience?


Why A One-Stop Event Technology Management Shop Is Your Best Bet

Event planning involves coordinating a great number of details and Event-resized-600variables. Your Event technology shouldn’t be one of them. Recruiting the right lighting, audio and video professionals is essential to the success of your event. You could gather a team of individual pros from all different companies, or you could take advantage of a full-service event technology management team.

Event technology management companies have grown increasingly popular because they act as a one-stop A/V shop for event planners. Years ago, it wasn’t uncommon for companies to only provide a single service. Planners had to hire and coordinate multiple companies to work the same event.

Now, audio, video and lighting technology are so intertwined that the best A/V companies offer them as a package deal. When these three essential event technology disciplines are all under one umbrella, it is much easier to manage them in accordance with your event. Here are a few ways this one-stop shop philosophy trumps the practice of using multiple event technology companies.

1. Effective Communication

Anyone who has worked in an event planning capacity knows how important communication is. When working with a large group, it’s easy to lose track of people, not to mention the progress of their individual tasks.

Your event technology management team has previous work experience together, so they already know how to operate like a team, and will have a seamless communication system already established. For you, this means less pressure to establish and maintain communication flow, ultimately translating to less stress. What event planner doesn’t want that?

2. Reliable Resources

Sound Systems run anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to a few thousand.  LED walls start around $10,000. How do you know which event technology you need? If your event calls for specific equipment, not only do you spend money purchasing it, you spend valuable time researching the right solution.

When you hire an event technology management company you get an experienced team capable of helping you recognize any opportunities for resource optimization in order to stay on budget and on schedule. Event technology companies come equipped with abundant knowledge of the event technology industry, allowing you to focus on your expertise – event planning.

3. The Big Picture

When charged with coordinating and putting on an event, you establish your vision first, and then work out the details of how to achieve that vision. Working with individual experts to achieve this vision may prove difficult when filtering different individual tastes and opinions. A team of various professionals may work well together physically, and have some effective tactics in setting your stage, but they may find it challenging bringing your vision to life. Working with an established, cohesive team of event technology experts allows you to communicate your vision once and then focus your time and energy on the various other priorities.

You know when your event looks good, and when it looks exactly as you had imagined. You want a group of people who work well together, understand your end goal and have the ability to make your vision a reality.

The concept of a one-stop shop is convenient regardless of your industry – offering one cohesive solution to multiple problems. However, one stop shopping is especially useful when it comes to planning your event. When it comes to event planning, the one-stop shops are the teams that offer everything you need with one comprehensive service.

Want to learn more about a one-stop solution for all your event technology needs? Contact the event technology management experts at Advanced Staging Productions at 866-431-8202 and open the door to event planning success.


Event Budget vs. Event Beauty: Walking The Fine Line

It is one of the main goals of event planning: present a visually budget-resized-600stunning event. While this is a pretty standard goal, it’s not always necessary. Believe it or not, sometimes you shouldn’t strive for a superbly spectacular event.

Think about the impression an extravagant event makes. All guests are going to have reactions to the ornate displays in front of them. If a non-profit event exudes an expensive air of elegance, guests are going to wonder where exactly the organizations priorities lie. If a corporate event stages fantastically fancy décor, guests are going to perceive a hefty amount of “extra” money in the corporation’s pocket, whether that is true or not.

Your goal should be to create an event atmosphere that conveys the objective of your event, not spice it up with lavish luxury. Sometimes, guests are more impressed with the content and substance of the event than by how much money was put into its visual appeal.

The key is to find that perfect mix of “amazing” and “appropriate.” Work with your event staging company and your event technology team to design a great event while maintaining a respectable budget. Here are a few tips to keep in mind along the way.

Basic AV needs – There is a point of functionality that needs to be addressed first. Identify what your bare essentials are: sound systems, video screens and projectors.

Lighting – Simple, straight-forward lighting. Sometimes, standard, inexpensive lights are much more impactful than scenic set-ups. LED lights are a great way to keep the scene casual while offering abundant light.

Options for enhancement – If you feel your event purpose has been clearly laid out, and your event budget has been spent wisely thus far, you may want to go back and liven a few things up. For example, accenting your table arrangements with some bold décor, or using a speaker as an end-table. Whatever design you decide to put on your event, be sure to look for for technology or décor that is multi-purposed.

Remember, it’s not all about image. A perfectly comfortable event can be just as influential as an ornately decorated one. A successful event production incorporates the purpose and theme into the budget. If you keep your event’s true purpose at the forefront of your mind, you should have no problem forming your design around it.

Ready to learn more about balancing event budget and event purpose? Contact the event technology management experts at Advanced Staging Productions at 866-431-8202 for assistance with all of your event management needs.


The Key To Effective Event Planning: Communication

An event is only as successful as the team who puts it together. communication-resized-600Teamwork is an integral part of planning an event, and the biggest success factor of effective teamwork: communication.

Event planning teams usually consist of large numbers of people. There are many tasks to be done before, during and after the event, and each task requires skilled professionals. The event planner is responsible for keeping all team members in check. How do you do this effectively? Grab a megaphone and shout directions? That is a definite possibility, but for the stunning event you have in mind, team communication needs to be much more effective than bossing around through a bullhorn.

To ensure the best possible outcome for your event, communication with your event planning team should follow a couple of guidelines:

1. Plan Ahead

Most failures during the execution of an event trace back to the planning stages. When your team knows exactly what to do before they do it, the time you save is tremendous. Communicate to all team members important times and dates and any changes in them. Changes in the event schedule and venue access times affect the entire rehearsal schedule, so be sure to keep everyone in the loop. Along with being highly professional, this is also simply common courtesy. You don’t want your AV crew loading up all that heavy equipment only to find the venue doors locked.

Pre-event huddles: This is a great way for you and your event technology team to discuss progress, any changes or concerns either of you may have. Consider having these huddles at the beginning of each engagement so you are both consistently on the same page.

2. Establish Chain of Command

Every team needs a hierarchy. Establish which team members make which decisions regarding which tasks. Establish to whom certain questions should be directed. The client shouldn’t be asking the technology team about the planning progress, they should be asking the event planner. Once the event planner has established direct communication with the client, the Project Manager should be informed of any changes and then discuss them with the crew.

3. On-site Communication

Possibly more stressful than planning the event is executing it. There are certain mishaps and malfunctions that happen during an event, things that are simply out of your control. For example, you don’t plan for a fuse to blow, but it most certainly could. To ensure quick recovery from any glitches, agree on a crew communication system for the running of the event, like cell-phones or walkie-talkies.

From planning to execution, you see how communication plays a key role in events. Communicate early, communicate often and communicate to the right people. If you follow these simple guidelines, your event planning and event execution is sure to flow seamlessly.

Want to learn more about effective communication with your event planning team? Contact the event technology management experts at Advanced Staging Productions at 866-431-8202 and open the door to event planning success.


4 Reasons To Hire An Event Technology Team Early

You know your event requires a technology management team. Theplan-resized-600 question is: do you know when to bring them on board in your event planning process?

Many event planners wait until they’ve already booked the venue, and rented the equipment, before they hire their technology team. An event technology management team should be involved in your event planning from the get-go. When they know you’re exact vision as far as theme, catering and décor, and you stay on the same page with them throughout the event planning process, they help tremendously in making your vision come to life.

Here are 4 reasons to contact an event technology management team sooner rather than later:

1. Budget Issues

Event management technology isn’t cheap. Multiple sound systems, projection screens and various light fixtures are not exactly budget friendly. You don’t want to over-spend and you don’t want to under-spend, but chances are you may not know how to get the right equipment for the best price. This is when an event technology team would be a big help. They work with your budget and your overall vision to incorporate the most appropriate and cost-effective technology into your event.

2. Venue Details

Most events require some kind of AV equipment. Most AV equipment requires a spacious area, easy access and available power. These are all details that your event technology team should know long before the event. What if you unintentionally planned the catering booths in front of the power outlet for the speakers? You might be able to work around it, but that may hinder any nearby décor. Avoid potential obstructions by discussing your technological needs with your team early on.

3. Room Layout

Sketching out a room diagram works wonders for your planning process. When you hire your event technology team early-on in the event planning phase, they are able to assist you with things like this. After all, being familiar with the venue layout is important for both you and your technology team. You have to be able to plan your event, and your team has to be able to plan technology around your event. A room layout allows you and your technology team to work together, so all equipment is seamlessly integrated into the event.

4. Goal Alignment

Perhaps the most important reason to hire your team early on is so they understand your vision and you’re both working toward the same goal. A good event technology team is going to help you spend your money as if it were their own. They are going to use your budget for things that make sense and assist in the correct operation of all technical elements. They work toward a fully functional event that meets your needs, and you work toward an event that delights and amazes your guests. When you and your technology team establish a bond from the very beginning, those two goals come together to deliver an unforgettable experience.

There are plenty more reasons to hire an event technology team, but these are four good reasons to begin your relationship with them early on. When they get the chance to work with you through every step of the planning process, a good event technology team helps you with much more than just technology.

Ready to start your engagement with an event technology team? Contact the event technology management experts at Advanced Staging Productions at 866-431-8202 for assistance with all of your event management needs.