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It’s Time To Give Thanks!

As we approach Thanksgiving and the holiday season, we feel it is important to take time to reflect on the people in our lives that we should be thankful for. In light of that, we, the management team at Advanced Staging Productions, would like to take this opportunity to thank a few groups of people that have truly had an impact on our lives.

First, we want to thank our clients for their trust and confidence.  Obviously, without you, we would not be here, and the fact that you continue to allow us to collaborate with you is truly appreciated.

We absolutely could not go without thanking all of the members of the Advanced team and all the time and energy you put into your work. The amount of unwavering passion and drive that you all show is astounding and second to none.  We are humbled by your dedication to each other and to this company.

We would like to thank our many partners.  We know that without you, we would not be able to do what we love, which is provide professional and reliable event technology for live events and meetings. You help us deliver consistent, high level solutions to our clients and for that, we are grateful.

Lastly, we want to thank all of the people out there that follow us on our webpage, social media outlets, email blasts, and this blog.  The exposure that you all give us through viewing and sharing our information is an integral piece of our success.  We hope that you continue to find value in our post.


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Why Would an AV Company Hire Someone Else to Produce a Video?

Advanced Staging Productions recently decided to have a new company video produced to be used in our sales and marketing efforts.  The decision was made to hire a long time partner of ours to assist us with this project.  Someone that could develop the concept, write the script, shoot and edit the footage to create a final product.  During this process, we were asked why a technology driven company with a warehouse full of video equipment and a professional staff would choose to pay someone else for a service like this.

The simple answer is, “That’s not what we do.” At the base of all that we do at Advanced, is the underling philosophy that we don’t want to be good at a lot of things… we want to be GREAT at a few things. So what do we strive to be great at?  Providing audio, video, and lighting solutions for live events and meetings. We have spent the better part of three decades working on mastering these services. While we have been working on what we do best, there are a number of other people that have been perfecting the art of producing and editing videos. These people are professionals, and get paid to do what they do, because they are great at it… and that is something that we respect and look for in our partners.

This speaks to more than just us wanting a new marketing video.  In all the events we work on, we are very upfront and clear with our clients about what we do and don’t do.  We do not pretend to be experts in areas that we are not.  We are who we are, and we are very proud of that!

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Are You Working With The Right “Experts?”

Technology is changing on a daily basis.  There is always a new phone, new bluetooth device, new tablet, or new wireless electric razor that also brushes your teeth and combs your hair at the same time coming on the market.  Event technology is not much different in that there are always new developments in all aspects of audio, video, and lighting.  What is the latest in LED lighting technology?  What is projection mapping and 3D projection all about?  What are the benefits of working with digital audio consoles and digital, multitrack recording?  How will the lighting on my stage be able to bring my theme/vision to life for the audience?

Keeping up with the latest trends in the event technology world can almost be a fulltime job.  Should that be your job?  No… not as long as you have a trusted Event Technology Partner working with you.  A truly professional company will employ experts in their given fields… experts that are passionate about their trades and that are always striving to not only better themselves and their teams, but better the experiences of their clients.

When deciding on who you should partner with from an event technology standpoint, take a few of these questions into consideration:

1) How long has the company been in the industry?

2) What is the average tenure of their employees?

3) How many years of experience do their employees have in the industry?

4) Do they employ professionally trained experts in audio, video, and lighting?

5) Do they own the equipment and staff that they are telling you about in their sales pitch?

There are a number of audiovisual companies out there that can give you a list of equipment, assign some labor to your show, sit back and collect payment.  Is that going to give your client the best experience they can and maximize their return on investment?  Or would it be worth finding an event technology management partner that sees your event as their own; will spend your money as if it is their own; that knows the best choices to make in which technology to use; and that will work closely with you on designing your event to have the wanted (or needed) impact on the audience?


4 Reasons To Hire An Event Technology Team Early

You know your event requires a technology management team. Theplan-resized-600 question is: do you know when to bring them on board in your event planning process?

Many event planners wait until they’ve already booked the venue, and rented the equipment, before they hire their technology team. An event technology management team should be involved in your event planning from the get-go. When they know you’re exact vision as far as theme, catering and décor, and you stay on the same page with them throughout the event planning process, they help tremendously in making your vision come to life.

Here are 4 reasons to contact an event technology management team sooner rather than later:

1. Budget Issues

Event management technology isn’t cheap. Multiple sound systems, projection screens and various light fixtures are not exactly budget friendly. You don’t want to over-spend and you don’t want to under-spend, but chances are you may not know how to get the right equipment for the best price. This is when an event technology team would be a big help. They work with your budget and your overall vision to incorporate the most appropriate and cost-effective technology into your event.

2. Venue Details

Most events require some kind of AV equipment. Most AV equipment requires a spacious area, easy access and available power. These are all details that your event technology team should know long before the event. What if you unintentionally planned the catering booths in front of the power outlet for the speakers? You might be able to work around it, but that may hinder any nearby décor. Avoid potential obstructions by discussing your technological needs with your team early on.

3. Room Layout

Sketching out a room diagram works wonders for your planning process. When you hire your event technology team early-on in the event planning phase, they are able to assist you with things like this. After all, being familiar with the venue layout is important for both you and your technology team. You have to be able to plan your event, and your team has to be able to plan technology around your event. A room layout allows you and your technology team to work together, so all equipment is seamlessly integrated into the event.

4. Goal Alignment

Perhaps the most important reason to hire your team early on is so they understand your vision and you’re both working toward the same goal. A good event technology team is going to help you spend your money as if it were their own. They are going to use your budget for things that make sense and assist in the correct operation of all technical elements. They work toward a fully functional event that meets your needs, and you work toward an event that delights and amazes your guests. When you and your technology team establish a bond from the very beginning, those two goals come together to deliver an unforgettable experience.

There are plenty more reasons to hire an event technology team, but these are four good reasons to begin your relationship with them early on. When they get the chance to work with you through every step of the planning process, a good event technology team helps you with much more than just technology.

Ready to start your engagement with an event technology team? Contact the event technology management experts at Advanced Staging Productions at 866-431-8202 for assistance with all of your event management needs.