On-Site Event Production Services

Run Your Event Like Clockwork

All the concepts, designs, organizing and planning are finished. Now it’s time to make your event happen. Put your on-site event production in the hands of Advanced Staging Productions to ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

With Advanced Staging Productions as your on-site event production partner, all the many moving parts of your event are coordinated to ensure your vision becomes reality. You benefit from our years of event production experience — as your event production company, we know what fits where and what has to happen when so you don’t have to worry about it. Event production logistics are proactively handled well in advance to ensure smooth operation both before and during your event.

Your dedicated Event Technology Manager takes care of:

  • Understanding the big picture and how everyone can best work together, and managing the entire event production team so your event goes off flawlessly.
  • Communicating with all vendors so everyone understands his/her role at the event.
  • Ordering and overseeing venue services, such as power, lifts and rigging.
  • Coordinating and managing union labor.
  • Scheduling loading dock time and overseeing load-in and breakdown of your event equipment, including your stage design, lighting, audio and video systems.
  • Organizing an efficient flow of activities to maximize tech time and minimize setup time.
  • Being flexible and able to adapt to on-site changes and having the forethought to create contingency plans — so the unexpected is never a problem.

Want your next event to run like clockwork?