Video Services

Make Your Next Event Come Alive

You’ve decided that your event requires an innovative multimedia display and video playback systems to enhance its message. Video systems can be as simple as an LCD flat panel used to display graphics or as complex as a ceiling-high interactive video wall. How do you decide which video services deliver the results you’re looking for?

Count on the team at Advanced Staging Productions for innovative video services and multimedia designs that deliver results. Our video engineers are experts at bringing your ideas to life in a visually dynamic way through a variety of display solutions. Memorable results are obtained by incorporating video playback as the core content delivery system, supported by scenic stage design. Multiple video source formats, including high-definition camera systems, ensure your attendees see exactly what you envisioned. And if you’re recording the event — or if you’re broadcasting live or streaming video online — we’ll ensure that viewers who aren’t on-site don’t miss a single aspect of the event.

For your next event, rely on video services — including video playback, recording, display and projection — to fulfill your vision:

  • Full high-definition, digital systems, from source to screen to recording, ensure a crisp image, no matter the size of the viewscreen.
  • Widescreen and blended projection solutions use modular products for maximum viewing flexibility.
  • A wide variety of projector options, multi-format cameras, remote-controlled robotics and graphics switching systems ensure that your audience sees exactly what you intend, when you intend it.

Ready to leverage customizable video technology to deliver an innovative viewing experience for your event attendees?