What is the importance of an anniversary?

26 years…17 years… 11 years… 14 years… 7 years… 13 years… 5 years… These are some of the anniversaries that our staff has celebrated this year. What does that say about a company? It says two things. First, it says that it is a company with seasoned professionals that have a passion for what they do. It says that the people working in the business have been around long enough to have also worked on the business and have had a hand in developing policies and procedures it operates under. What else does it say? It says that it is a good place to work. Do you remain with a company for 5, 12, 17 years if you don’t enjoy being there? A company that can hold on to employees for so many years is one that is managed with integrity and with a passion not only for its business and customers, but for its employees. If people want to stay with a company, it is a sign that they treat their employees well… And a company that treats it’s employees well, most likely treats their clients well. Caring about our clients and helping them have successful events is what Advanced Staging Productions promotes throughout the company. Caring about our employees and their families… well that’s The Advanced Way. Don’t forget to sign up for a our newsletter by emailing Kim at KimPB@AdvancedStaging.com!

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